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American flagpoles & flag kits

Gardening Ideas from Quality Gardening Websites

Gardening Ideas

Great ideas for your garden. See gardening ideas for multiple common garden projects.

Organic Gardening

Here is a comprehensive list of resources for various organic gardening products. Also available at Great Big Plants is an organic liquid compost mixture.

Vegetable Gardening

Fresh vegetables straight from the garden complete a meal. Use these vegetable gardening tips to prepare your garden and keep your home full of fresh vegetables.

Gardening Tips

Categorized areas of specialty for the home gardener. Gardening tips abound here, ranging from starting seeds to site design and implementation.

Gardening in Containers

If your gardening is limited by insufficient space or an unsuitable area, consider gardening in containers. A window sill, a patio, a balcony or a doorstep will provide sufficient space for a productive mini-garden.

Gardening Tools for Arthritic People

Near the bottom of this page are some popular suppliers of special gardening tools for arthritic people and equipment for the disabled. You can write or call any of them for further information. Most have catalogues available. Unique ergonomic garden hose shut off valves grip. Eliminates stress and pain in your hand.

Support American-Made Products

How to buy American an invaluable guide to help patriotic consumers buy products made in American factories by American workers. Not only about gardening, but a chance to wave the flag.

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